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Cardiff Florist, Send flowers in Cardiff with free same day delivery

Flower power is an actual thing – trust us! Those folks in the 60’s were really onto something. There’s tons of studies telling us that flowers have a positive impact on emotional health. So if you want to make someone feel good, or maybe you just want the good vibes for yourself, send flowers! We love that we get to work in an industry where the products and services we provide bring happiness to others.

cardiff florist

We know that sending flowers often comes with a hefty price tag. Don’t worry - Project Posy is here to change that. By creating only one design per day, we are able to keep our costs down and our prices too. You can send stunning flowers for only £17.99, including free same day delivery. Pretty good, right?

Posy (po·sy pō-zē ) n.
1. a small bunch of cut flowers

Birthday? Valentines Day? Mothers Day? Flowers are fab for so many occasions. But sending flowers doesn't need to be reserved for special events...

  • Stuck in the office wishing for a lunch break you know you won’t get? Stick a Posy on your desk and it’ll trick your mind into thinking you’ve been outside!
  • Perhaps your best pal broke up with her man for the sixteenth time and needs a pick me up. (Yeah, we know you told her so!) Maybe you’re baffled by the choice available on traditional florist websites. By taking the choice away, we have made the process of sending flowers much quicker and simpler.
  • So don’t worry guys - apologizing for the extra four hours spent at the pub on Friday night will only take a couple moments of your time! (She might even be cooler about you going next Friday too!)
  • Are you that person who is always reminded by Facebook of your Aunts birthday? (We’ve all been there) Don’t panic - with same day delivery she will never know you forgot! No need to rush out for a gift. Let us make the effort for you.
cardiff florist

Here at Project Posy we visit the flower market daily to search for the freshest and most beautiful blooms. We create one unique design per day, each guaranteed to be as beautiful as the last. Posies consist of roughly 12 stems but this can vary depending on the flowers we are using that day.

And if flowers aren’t quite enough and you really want to spoil your loved one (or yourself!), we offer a selection of locally sourced gift products to add on to your order. After all, if you or someone you care for is having a bad day what’s better than flowers and chocolate delivered to your front door?!

How It Works


We visit the local flower market daily and select the freshest and most beautiful blooms


We create one design per day and upload a photo of it to our website and social media. You will be able to see the design the evening before - eg. Thursdays Posy will be visible Wednesday evening


You may either pre order for a specific day, or order by 13.00 and your flowers will be delivered on the same day (unless sold out)